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Xiaomi has also created its own smart speaker
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Xiaomi has also created its own smart speaker

by DhirajAugust 11, 2017

The competition is growing for Amazon Echo, for Google Home or for HomePod since Xiaomi has also created its own smart speaker. The Chinese manufacturer announced the new smart speaker Mi AI Speaker.

The smart speaker has six integrated microphones that are distributed in the body of the device and the goal is to become the center of the entire ecosystem of smart home products manufactured by Xiaomi.

The universe of 60 million connected devices that the Xiaomi smartphone could work which includes a choice of options like rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, and lamps.

This new gadget will be launched in China in August through a beta program. At first, only 1,000 people will have the opportunity to test it, the objective is that with the use the program can further refine the voice controls.

This is how the Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker works

Its operation is same as any other speaker of this type, will be in charge of sending commands to other connected devices and also serve as a personal assistant in the home offering information on the weather, traffic, reminders, and news of interest.

The appearance of this device will come a little closer to the Echo, but its sound will be much better since the design adopted allows you to incorporate a speaker a little more powerful. Also, it’s white color gives a much more elegant image.

The strength to compete is the same that applies to most of their devices: the price. The Xiaomi Mi AI smart speaker will have a unique price of 299 yuan, which equates to just over 40 euros, what it can mean a quarter of buying the device from Amazon or Google.

Xiaomi has also created its own smart speaker, although it will not reach the United States, as some distribution is expected for the European market.

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