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The Nintendo Wii U error codes and their solution
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The Nintendo Wii U error codes and their solution

by GPaper StaffAugust 6, 2017

Has your Nintendo Wii U suffered a malfunction or failure, and all you get is an error code on the screen? Calm down, that’s all we need to know what’s wrong with him. Let’s explain what the error codes of Wii U and their solution mean.

Maybe the Switch is devastating, but the console Nintendo Wii U will still continue long in our lounge. It has a lot of games and you have to finish them all!

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The dark side of consoles is failures or breakdowns that sometimes occur, and are often intensified with heat. If your Nintendo Wii U has started to give problems and all you get is a Wii U error code that you do not know what it means, here we are to help. Not when we are spoiling the Wii U now just released the first DLC of  Zelda Breath of the Wild :

Let’s review all the Wii U error codes and the solution that you should apply to solve the problem. Hopefully, we can do the work ourselves, but depending on the failure, there is no choice but to bring the console to repair.

It is worth remembering that if you have bought the console in Spain you have two years warranty, counting from the date of purchase that appears on the invoice. Because you keep the ticket, right? If not, you will pay for the repair …

Wii U Error Codes and Their Solution

It is possible that while you are playing with the Wii U, a code like this appears:

Sometimes it comes with an explanation, but at other times all that tells us is that ” There has been a mistake .” What can we do? Let’s review the most common, and how to solve them.

Error code 101-0744

This error occurs when we try to connect to the Nintendo Network, Nintendo Network, without having a Nintendo ID account. It is as simple to solve as creating a Nintendo account and registering it on the console.

Error codes between 103-1000 and 103-1099

These codes appear when the Wii U does not detect the wireless router or access point. To solve this, make sure you have entered the name and the WiFi key correctly, and that there are no interferences or obstacles between the router and the console. Try also to change the channel of your Wi-Fi connection, in the configuration of the router.

Error codes between 103-2000 and 103-2099

The console has found the router but can not connect to the Internet. The problem is usually that the WiFi key is misplaced. Check it out! It is also possible that the Internet has been hacked.

Error code 105-4011

It is one of the most common Wii U error codes. Appears when you stop downloading a game update or console firmware. The connection to the Nintendo server has been lost, so either the server has problems, your Internet connection has been cut off, or your WiFi suffers interference.

Error code 105-3013

Occurs when a game update has been corrupted in the middle of the download. The update does not continue even if we start again. To solve the problem follow these steps:

  • In the Wii, U Setup enter Data Management. Select Transfer, Copy or Delete Data
  • Go to the internal memory of Wii U and look for the update data of the game that gives you problems
  • Delete the update and download it again

Error code 107-3107

This code is displayed when the console does not recognize the prepaid card we are entering. How do we solve it ?:

  • Make sure you have entered the code correctly. It is easy to confuse a 0 with an O, or a 1 with an I.
  • There are two types of prepaid card, and each is used in a different site. The balance cards of the eShop are activated in the application of the eShop, Balance section. Download games in the eShop Download Codes section.
  • The store where you bought the card has to activate it. Ask him if he has.

Error codes between 108-0066, 108-0075, 108-0144

The console update has been stopped. This is usually because the server or connection is saturated. Wait a while without disconnecting the console. Disconnect other devices that are using the same WiFI. Please update your console later.

Error code 118-0006

There is a problem of compatibility with the network to which the Wii U is connected. It is surely a public network that is not very protected. It also occurs if the console does not have the updated firmware. Update the console, connect to another network, or check if the connection data is correct.

Error codes 118-0502 and 118-0516

You will see if you can not connect correctly with the other players you are playing online because the connection is slow or there is a lot of latency. Nintendo recommends upgrading the console, not connecting from a public WiFi network, and checking that our connection is not saturated (for example, that you are downloading things or there are many devices connected).

Error codes 150-1031 and 150-2031

These are two of the Wii U error codes that give the most trouble. They report that the console can not read the disc. There are several solutions, from more to less probable:

  • The disc is dirty. Wipe it with a soft cloth from the center to the edges, without making circular movements
  • The lens of the reader is dirty. Clean it with the Wii U Cleaning Kit, which sells in any store
  • Update console firmware
  • Restart the console and try the disc again
  • If the disk is a Wii, before entering it activate the Wii mode of the Wii U

Error code 160-0103

Appears when the console is out of date, or the update data for a game has been corrupted. Try these solutions:

  • Extract the disk and restart the console
  • Update Firmware
  • If the problem occurs with only one game, you must delete your update. In the Wii, U Setup enter Data Management. Select Transfer, Copy or Delete data. Go to the internal memory of Wii U and look for the update data of the game that gives you problems. Delete the update and download it again

Error code 160-1710

Nintendo claims to be investigating this ruling. If it happens, you have to restart the console. If it does not go away, contact the Nintendo Technical Service.

Error code 165-6596

Oh … Oh … Bad news. Indicates that the Wii U suffers a major breakdown and needs to be fixed. You must contact the Technical Service.

Error code 180-0516

It often shows up when you’re playing online in multiplayer games, and pairings can not be made. What can we do? It is necessary to open the ports of the router. The simplest way is to activate the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) of your router. Change with each brand, but look for DMZ in the section of Firewall, Security, Games or similar, in the configuration of your router. When activated, you will be prompted for the IP address of the Wii U, which you will see in the router’s own configuration.

If you can not or do not want to activate the DMZ, because it disables all the port blocks for the address you specify, then you must open the ports used by Wii U. They are the following:

  • Ports 442 to 445, and 28000-2900
  • UDP 1 – 65000

Look for Port Routing or similar in the router configuration, and enter the previous ports to open them.

If you encounter a Wii-U error code that does not appear in this list, it is because it is rare and Nintendo has not referenced it. Contact your Technical Service.

Good luck with the repair. And enjoy the Wii-U games!


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