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The blue light of the mobile is still a problem to fall asleep
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The blue light of the mobile is still a problem to fall asleep

by GPaper StaffAugust 4, 2017
A new study from the University of Houston explores an issue already known and managed by mobile manufacturersBlocking the blue light helps in 58% of cases to create more melatonin, the chemical that tells the body that it is bedtime

We already knew that the blue light is not good for our brains, because it makes us sleep worse by making sleep conciliation more difficult. Despite several studies that show this issue, a very recent one has given some percentages that are worth putting on the table.

Thus, according to the University of Houston , those participants in their study who wore glasses that block blue light three hours before going to bed for two weeks increased the amount of melatonin produced by 58%. This chemical is responsible for telling your body when to go to sleep and is essential to rest properly.

Participants who took a melatonin supplement improved even more. “The most important lesson to learn from this study is that blue light at night actually reduces sleep quality,” said Lisa Ostrin, one of the two teachers who led the study.

According to Ostrin, the 22 study participants carried activity monitors throughout the day and, according to recorded information, they all slept better, fell asleep more quickly, and extended the duration of sleep in about 24 minutes .

The main focus of blue light in our lives is the sun, but given that it is set before bedtime, it is not usually a problem for sleep reconciliation. LED displays, however, also emit this type of light and can affect the bodies of users through certain photo receptors of the eyes, which instinctively keep us awake in the sunlight.

Although study participants used special glasses to block blue light, there are other ways to avoid their harmful effect on the floor: for example do not use the phone before bed.

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