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Swimmerix, the wearable one that trains you to swim like Michael Phelps
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Swimmerix, the wearable one that trains you to swim like Michael Phelps

by GPaper StaffAugust 12, 2017
This gadget helps you improve your swimming technique to be the fastest in the pool.

We are in the middle of summer and there is nothing to cool more than a swim in the pool. While some are diving to relax or have fun, others train their swim technique and are the quickest to complete the lengths they deem necessary. If you want to improve your technique in the water, Swimmerix will train you to swim like Michael Phelps.

This is the wearable one that helps you improve your swimming technique.

‘The Shark’, that’s what Olympic pundit Michael Phelps is called. His medals list consists of 23 Olympic gold medals, a record in the competition. From a television, it is very easy to go from one side to another of the pool, but these victories do not arrive alone. Behind there is a very demanding diet, an unmatched technique and above all many hours of training.

Precisely with this last paragraph is where young promises and those who want to improve their technique must strive. If apart from their training they want to perform their own with accurate measurements can always rely on Swimmerix.

This wearable is placed on the swimmer’s wrist and collects your biometric data in each session. Apart from controlling the pulsations also count the laps done and the time, the other function is to give instructions to its bearer with light signals: green to accelerate the pace, yellow to keep it and Red to end the session.

All these data are sent and collected by two devices: The first is a button that the user must press each time one lap ends for the electronic base, the second device, record the data. So you can consult all the information of the training without needing your smartphone, which also has its protagonism as explained below.

Program your training before entering the pool

Before starting each training you can use the app of your smartphone to indicate which program you are going to do. You have from maintenance exercise, weight loss, resistance or strength, each with a different degree of exigency. So you have at your disposal several options to catch faster a level similar to that of Michael Phelps.

Currently, the wearable Swimmerix is available on the Kickstarter platform for sponsors. It’s part of about 70 euros in its basic model, but depending on the color will increase the amount you must contribute to get yours.

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