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Sneakers with LCD screens, change the design daily

Sneakers with LCD screens, change the design daily

by DhirajAugust 11, 2017
These digital sneakers show the design that you want, and can be changed in a moment with the mobile.

since Back to the Future 2 taught them almost 30 years ago, we thought that the technological future more advanced in terms of sneakers would be the Robo Cordone’s. But it turns out that no, this thing of tying and making the link without touching the cords is already something retro. The future is digital sneakers that change the design in real time, such as ShiftWear.

Sneakers with LCD screens

Think of the sneaker that you usually wear, and now imagine that the whole part of the heel is a flexible LCD screen that fits the contour of the footwear and the fabric that makes up the rest of it. This is the ShiftWear, a shoe designed for the current public that has an LCD screen that can display different types of content, from preset designs to an image or video that we like. Yes, you can go there reproducing videos that you have made from the mobile since the smartphone is what we use to vary the design.

In this way, the terminal connects to the ShiftWear via Bluetooth, and with the app that brings the shoe we can choose between the animated designs by default, or open the gallery of photos and videos of our phone and choose the one that We want to reproduce. In this way it can be the image of a textured screen print of an old Air Jordan, or a video that we have saved, to convert the shoe into a screen or ‘camouflage’ this with designs that we can also create, share and sell with other users.

A little expensive …

Like all other models on the market, these digital sneakers are waterproof, have durable insoles and are also resistant to grease or dust stains. But the best thing is its recharge system since we can activate a function so that the shoes are recharged while we walk, thus generating energy to be stored in the shoes. Its creators, a New York startup, send everyone, but the problem is that the starting price of a ShiftWear are $ 250 plus an extra $ 100 if we want in another color other than the default gray-black. Quite a lot of faces, no doubt, but what about the faces of people when you’re walking down the street and giving the mobile to change designs and put videos?


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