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The most perfect Fidget Spinner in the world: € 135 and can rotate for 13 minutes
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The most perfect Fidget Spinner in the world: € 135 and can rotate for 13 minutes

by GPaper StaffAugust 11, 2017
The Japanese have created the most advanced Spinner, able to spin 4 times more than the rest.

We are in August, and the fever for the Fidget Spinner, although sent, is still present. The pot goes on sale, every month new rivals are ready to dispute the position, but they do not succeed. A month after the classes resume, we will see if the Spinner is still fashionable in the next school year and returns to be the protagonist in school yards and institutes, but the versions that are coming out leave no doubt that the Fidget is still fashion.

The Most perfect Fidget Spinner in the world

The basis of this so-called ‘anti-stress’ toy – many specialists point out that it provokes the opposite – is very simple: a central axis with two, three or more arms, which end in rings with bearings. And to make it turn supporting it in the tip of the finger. Because that’s the grace, make it a spin, but even with a good Spinner of good materials the average spinning time does not usually exceed 3 minutes, something that also depends on the skill of whoever is using it. What if there was a model that multiplied up to x10 that? Well, it exists, and it’s Japanese.

In the city of Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan, they have created a Fidget that at one time can maintain the rotation more than 13 minutes, specifically 13 minutes and 35 seconds as has been timed. How is that possible? For its construction: This Spinner is made with a sturdy brass body and lightweight aluminum bearing balls that allow you to rotate so much. That yes, costs 17280 yen, about 135 euros to change. Why so much? Because it is handmade by Japanese firm NSK Micro Precision Co., specializing in high-tech bearings used in space satellites put into orbit,

But it’s not gold

With this Spinner sure to beat records of resistance, but even 13 times more expensive than the average of a normal Fidget Spinner, it is still not as much as that of the Russian jewelry firm Caviar, which has a 100-gram outer shell Of pure gold that makes him worth 1 million rubles, which to the change are 14,500 euros nothing less. Almost 15000 € for a Spinner just because it is embossed with gold, although we can also buy it in carbon fiber or with Swarovski crystals.

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