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Which parts do you need to mount a luxury Gamer PC?

Which parts do you need to mount a luxury Gamer PC?

by GPaper StaffAugust 16, 2017
These are some of the best pieces to assemble a Gamer PC to match the Master Race of 2017.

Choosing a PC is as simple as searching on the Internet for some models that fit your needs and buying the one you like the most. Of course, a person who works with design and editing programs requires a machine that displays power over all their fans, while navigating and watching movies is a humbler model. If you are one of those who make up the first group and you are also a gamer, we tell you what are some of the best pieces to assemble a PC gamer.

For the machine that we propose, you must have a fairly high budget. Yes, with much less you can play The Witcher 3 or Battlefield 1 in the highest quality, but this time it is a computer that could be part of the current Master Race , or in other words, a top-of-the-range computer Which can last you years.


Let’s start with the pillar of every computer: the motherboard. We are not building a PC of 300 euros, if not it may be the golden dream of any player or graphic designer. What do we ask of this luxury PC component? Compatibility with the best current components, some of them we’ll talk later, and connections everywhere. If you also have a touch of design with colors, typical of the gaming series, they will give a unique look to the interior of the box. For this occasion we can opt for an ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME, able to support what comes next.

Processor and RAM

PC Master Race needs a powerful brain of high performance. A clear candidate could be an Intel Core i9-7900X, but could also be the AMD Ryzen Threadripper1950X. Reasons: 16 cores at 4GHz and four channels for DDR4 memory. In short, one of the most powerful processors on the market, supported by 32 GB of RAM, which is altogether four chips of eight gigabytes each.

Graphic card

This is one of the parts where every gamer rubs his hands, especially when it comes to assembling a high-performance PC. This time we go to the top, to that component that if we have a high amount of funds we will buy without hesitation. In this case, a clear bet is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Here comes a doubt, since each manufacturer has its version: is anyone worth it? The answer is yes, the only thing that changes is the external aspect and some configuration as if you want to put the version STRIX OC. It has 11GB GDDR5X and 16 pins to connect to the power supply.

Power and Cooling system

These two parts are the most delicate when assembling a PC for two reasons: if you do not have enough electrical power the machine does not work, of course, and if the components get too hot the computer stops. With these details in mind and considering that our components will consume a lot of energy, we will need a source of 1,200 W at least.

On the other hand, the best liquid cooling system. It is not a matter of being better since decent heat sinks are equally efficient in normal conditions of both internal heating and external environment. But we are talking about a machine that will move graphics and textures in motion to a minimum of 60 fps in 4K, so we are going to demand a lot.

Liquid Cooling System


In this section, you will need two types: An SSD and a classic HDD. The capabilities we leave to your choice, but with a 512 GB SSD where to install the operating system and two to four terabytes of storage is more than enough.

As for the box, the bigger the better. The reason is not that the machine looks good, but that the components have enough space with each other so that the heat does not concentrate too much. If you ask about the price of this luxury computer for gamers, as we said at the beginning, you must prepare your wallet. Only the processor, the motherboard, and graphics can easily come to 2,100 euros, so this machine can easily reach you at 2,700 euros only the pieces, mounting it is something else.

If you have a very high budget to get you a powerful computer, we tell you what are some of the best pieces to assemble a PC Gamer.

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