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One step closer to being immortal: this nano chip grows human cells

One step closer to being immortal: this nano chip grows human cells

by GPaper StaffAugust 12, 2017
Technology can now reprogram cells and create the ones the human body needs.

In February of this year, Elon Musk, president of the Tesla and SpaceX independent electric car firm as well as an outspoken defender of fully embracing technology at all levels, said that over time “we will see a fusion of biological intelligence and The digital “. These are statements that are not misdirected since there are projects that link robotics and medicine. Reproducing a limb partially or completely and attaching it to a human body might be closer than we think. But it all boils down to one key element of our body: the cells.

A nano chip grows human cells

Practically the human body’s chips, knowing how to ‘program ‘ them as if they were that, computer chips, is one of the keys in medicine of the future. And that is what researchers at the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University have developed: to develop a nano chip that uses a small electrical current to implement new DNA or RNA genetic material directly into living skin cells, being able to reprogram them to give them A new feature in just a fraction of a second.

Think of this chip as the start button or the mouse click that starts an action, in this case, tell the cells what they have to do. The team has tested its technology called TNT ( Tissue Nanotransfection ) on animals with satisfactory results, getting cases such as pigs with blood problems in the legs to grow new blood vessels to restore blood flow and animals to go again. And all with applying the nano chip for a moment in the areas that wanted to revive, that within a week were already recovered.

The Cure for Alzheimer’s

Chandan Sen, director of the project, points out that “using our novel nano chip technology, damaged or compromised organs can be replaced. We have shown that the skin is a fertile area in which we can grow the elements of any organ that is failing. The next step in TNT technology is to begin tests with humans, in order to be able to repair in the future any type of skin or organ failure, which includes diseases as severe and degenerative as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, so That having a cure would be a new historical milestone in medicine.

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