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Microsoft will create a unique artificial intelligence chip for HoloLens

Microsoft will create a unique artificial intelligence chip for HoloLens

by GPaper StaffAugust 4, 2017

Apple does, Google does, Samsung does and now Microsoft does too. The Seattle company will begin to create its own processors; Exclusive and custom silicon for their products. The first will be an artificial intelligence coprocessor that will only be present in the new version of its augmented reality glasses, HoloLens.

The company has announced it at a private event being held this week in Honolulu. It is not unknown terrain for Microsoft that has already used exclusive components designed in their laboratories for certain products, such as the Kinect accessory, but it will be the most ambitious bet so far and a leap in complexity and scope.

With this new chip the next generation of HoloLens will be able to understand the natural language or recognize objects without having to send information to a server but also – as Microsoft has demonstrated during the event – recognize the user’s hands, the position of their fingers And allow him to manipulate with them the virtual objects within the field of vision with much more precision than the glasses have so far. Theoretically it would even be possible to write on a virtual keyboard, given the level of accuracy shown.

It is, for the moment, the only thing that is known with certainty of the next generation of augmented reality glasses HoloLens, which could reach the market in the year 2019. The company has created an updated version of the device that is currently sold, but Has decided to wait to take a bigger technological leap before reaching the consumer market.

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