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Microsoft fixes 48 security holes affecting Windows

Microsoft fixes 48 security holes affecting Windows

by Sai kiran SAugust 11, 2017

The future in which computer security errors affect millions of people is already here, and companies must adapt to the new reality. Last Tuesday 48 security flaws were corrected in the different versions of Windows, between which there were two very serious. To date, Microsoft has realized that vulnerabilities in Windows are a very serious issue.

We just have to remember the global crisis that provoked WannaCry in May to be aware of the problem. The patches came in all versions of Windows that are still supported, including Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 7, in addition to the current Windows 10. However, Windows XP has not received these fixes. It is an old and insecure system, that only receives exceptional updates before very serious failures, and that it is not advisable to continue using.

Of the two most serious crashes, one was in Windows Search and was allowing an attacker to take control of the computer. The other problem affected the old JET databases, and could also end up hacking the PC. It is thought that none of the vulnerabilities were being used in actual attacks, although we already know that spy agencies often know secret Windows errors and use them in their operations.

Microsoft has sent the necessary updates through Windows Update, so it is advisable to install them as soon as possible. They have been released on the usual schedule of patches, which usually leave on the second Tuesday of each month. Windows has received emergency updates at specific times, but in this case were not considered urgent faults.

Windows 10 S was recently introduced, a simplified version of Windows, which can only download apps from the official store. This is a major limitation but, given the security problems that affect more and more users, it makes sense that Microsoft tries to eliminate risks with an edition that leaves behind some old technologies.

Now, these security flaws can be fixed through Windows update only. Not all versions do it automatically, in fact, Microsoft decided that Windows 10 would impose mandatory updates, and generated much controversy, but the decision makes more sense than it seemed.

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