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Man, iPad, good to see you again!

Man, iPad, good to see you again!

by GPaper StaffAugust 4, 2017

Apple’s quarterly results leave an unexpected surprise. After three years of decline, sales of iPad tablets are growing again. Apple sold 11.4 million iPads in the last quarter, 15% more than last year.

Many point to the development of the iPad Pro range and the new 10.5-inch model as a catalyst for change. The new iPad is a good tool, possibly the best tablet right now, and with a promising future thanks to the new features that will bring iOS 11.

Apple, at last, seems ready to release the strap that attaches to the device. Free from the limitations that iOS imposes for sharing code with the iPhone, iPad can become an increasingly complete professional tool.

But a quick look at the numbers for the quarter shows that the growth of the iPad is possibly due to the decision to lower the 9.7-inch model to $ 329. The number of units sold has grown 15% but in revenue the division is only pointing a rise of 2%.

That means they are selling more iPad, but cheaper . Since the iPad Mini 4 is only offered in one configuration and seems to be about to be ejected from the catalog, the figure leaves the iPad as the main suspect to dry.

What happened? “Our iPad results have been especially strong in the US educational market, where sales have grown 32% to reach one million units,” said Tim Cook.

With a cheaper iPad, Apple has managed to rekindle interest in schools, which until now seemed more interested in Chromebook computers. And not only educational institutions are considering buying them. Large companies that need broad fleets of devices have also begun to consider the tablet as an option. Walmart, for example, will buy 19,000 units in the coming months to use in training programs for its employees.

The return to growth is important because in the tablet market the iPad is virtually the only model with specific weight in the mid and high range. In countries like USA. Has more than 50% of total market share but more than 90%  if you attend to tablets of more than 200 dollars. It is the only tablet (if there are no touchscreen PCs in the Surface style) for which it is worth developing applications or accessories.

The last three years, therefore, have fallen as a slab on the developers. Many have abandoned the claims to create powerful and professional applications for the device by the growing sense that it was a product with less travel than the traditional PC. That the iPad again have specific weight changes things.

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