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Instagram premieres live with friends

Instagram premieres live with friends

by GPaper StaffAugust 10, 2017

Instagram continues to innovate so as not to lose the attention of its more than 700 million users around the world, and this time Instagram opens the live with friends , that is, you can now start a live streaming video and share the transmission with Another friend and both will appear on the screen from different places.

With this functionality the screen is divided into two and both people appear, the user who creates the transmission can choose any of his contacts and invite him to share the video live and in case he does not want to continue, the user that invites can withdraw To the partner or can substitute for another user, also the guest can leave the transmission at any time.

Until now the new functionality of Instagram is a trial version, so a small group of users given access to the new feature of making direct live with friends dividing the screen in two.

To be able to enjoy the functionality, the person must start with their transmission and after being live they can request another user to join the live, after accepting the screen is automatically divided by showing both video and emitting the sound of both people.

Another feature is that the live author can choose whether to delete the video at the end of the stream or if it is kept to watch later from the Stories section.

Users should verify if they are part of the selected group chosen to use the functionality in the testing period, for this must initiate a live transmission.

Once the process of testing the feature with which Instagram premieres the live show with friends, the new function will be progressively distributed through an update that will be broadcasted soon.

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