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Instagram incorporates nested comments

Instagram incorporates nested comments

by GavravAugust 16, 2017

The great leap given by Instagram in popularity is due to several reasons, such as the inclusion of Instagram Stories, constant updates, and for being a social network “cleaner” in content than Facebook itself. Today is the day for Instagram and the incorporation of nested comments.

It’s nothing new really, since this ability to group comments that respond to others is on Facebook, although having it on Instagram is updated with new design for mobile today.

So we can specifically address a specific response to follow the thread of a conversation that has gone elsewhere and has something to do with the main. Simply when we respond to another response from a user of a publication, it will be grouped as a separate topic.

The objective is to facilitate the follow-up of certain conversations in Instagram and that it is easier to answer a specific subject of the same ones. What you will get, as Instagram reports, is that you can share interests and connect with others, always related to the same topic.

This update reaches both the Instagram version of Android and iOS and will be available globally in the coming weeks. Which means that some might be receiving it earlier with version 24 and higher over the next few days, in the updates that are deployed in phases.

In this way, the social network par excellence of photographs continues to add features but maintaining itself as a service that offers concrete functions, without having to “snooze” both the user and Facebook. So if you feel like socializing, Instagram already has nested conversations.

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