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How to download PS4 games in Sleep Mode to save light

How to download PS4 games in Sleep Mode to save light

by GPaper StaffAugust 6, 2017

The Sleep Mode of the PlayStation 4 console is the best way to download a game as fast as possible, with the least annoyance, and almost without you noticing. In addition, we will save light. We teach you to configure it so that the connection is not lost in the middle of the download, and you can also get automatic updates.

The graphically more powerful PS4 games like Uncharted 4: The denouement Thiefor Horizon Zero Dawn, force download more than 45 GB of data. If you have a slow connection, the wait can last for several hours.

When you have to download a game that weighs heavily on PS4, the best solution is to use the Sleep Mode. In this state, the console only activates the basic functions of operation and does not execute any application. This allows you to dedicate all the resources to the downloads, and in addition, you will save in the invoice of the light.

To download games in Sleep mode on PS4, it is not enough to activate this option. Also, check that the console does not shut down in the middle of the download.

Faster Download Tips

Before activating the PS4 Sleep Mode, we make sure that our Internet connection performs to the maximum:

  • If possible, connect the PS4 to the router via cable, rather than WiFi
  • Check that the connection is not occupied by other devices that are downloading things (mobile, PC, etc.)
  • Download in less crowded times: at dawn, or in the morning
  • Aiming at PlayStation Plus, downloads usually go slightly faster

Activate Sleep Mode online

The first thing we are going to do is make sure that the PS4 Standby Mode is running:

  • On the PS4 Start screen, enter Settings and Power Saving Settings
  • Within the Set available features in Standby section, check the Keep connected to the Internet box. So we can download games and updates.

  • Make sure the Keep Suspend application is not checked, as we do not want a suspended game to steal resources.

Enable Automatic Updates

As we are going to download complete games in Sleep Mode on PS4, we will take advantage to download also updates and new firmware.

  • Go to Settings and enter System  and Downloads and automatic
  • We mark the options Application Update Files and System Software Update Files
  • We do not activate  Install automatically because we do not want a restart of the console to cut the downloads

Prevent downloading from being cut

The last step is to check that the PS4 does not shut down in the middle of a download.

  • Access to  Settings and Energy Saving Settings
  • In the Set Time to turn off the PS4 and Media Playback options,  we choose Do not turn off.

Ready! We have already prepared the PS4 to download games in Sleep Mode. It only remains to put the games to download and activate the Sleep Mode. To do this we press the PS button on the gamepad, and in the quick menu choose  Power and Enter Sleep Mode :

The PS4 will turn off the TV picture but you will see that it is in Sleep Mode because it emits a flashing orange light. Download the games and performances while we do other things.

Downloading PS4 games in Sleep mode is the fastest method because the console devotes all the resources to the download, and also consumes much less than in the normal mode of operation. Try it!

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