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Here comes Intel Core X Series processors with 18-cores
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Here comes Intel Core X Series processors with 18-cores

by GPaper StaffAugust 10, 2017

The battle between Intel and AMD gets interesting, we have been a very moving year for releases of processors where power and prices are becoming key. A few days ago we knew AMD’s commitment to high-performance computing with its Ryzen Thereadripper and now Intel (try) hits the table with its Core X-Series.

The Intel X-Series family was officially announced at Computex at the end of May 2017, but today they are finally confirming specifications, price, and release date, thus preparing the ground that they have dominated for several years.

These processors were introduced last May, but the manufacturer let all specifications know at this time. These chips have four-channel DDR4 memory support with 2666 MHz speed, also include the addition of 44 PCIe 3.0 lines and an additional 24 lines that can be added to the motherboard chipset itself.

Also, users have the possibility to extend their systems with a fast SSD, up to four discrete GFX cards and ultra fast solutions with Thunderbolt 3 technology.

Up to 4.4GHz power

We are looking at nine new processors designed to fulfill the wildest dreams in terms of power in virtual reality, video games, content creation and of course, overclocking, as the processors will come unlocked.

The specifications range from 10 to 18 cores (in the case of the i9), where everything focuses on being able to handle extreme tasks with simultaneous workloads. Of the nine processors, five are Core i9 versions, three are Core i7 one is Core i5. But let’s see how each one remains in its specification table:

Specs of new Intel Core X Series i9 processors

The first of the processors is a 12-core and 14-wire chip with a speed ranging from 2.90GHz to 4.40GHz. It also includes 16.5MB of L3 cache, a TDP of 140W and its price is $ 1,199.

In the case of the Core i9-7940X model it goes up to 14 cores and 28 threads with a frequency of 3.10 GHz up to 4.40 GHz, has 19.25 MB of L3 cache and the TDP rises up to 165W, its price is $ 1,399.

Another model is the Core i9-7960X with 16 cores and 32 threads, its speed starts from 2.80GHz and goes up to 4.40 GHz, the cache is 22 MB and the TDP is kept at 165W, the price is $ 1,699.

Finally, this Intel Core X Series also includes the Core i9-7980XE model that has 36 wires and its frequency ranges from 2.60GHz to 4.40 GHz, the cache memory is 24.75 MB L3, the same TDP 165W and its price is $ 1,999.


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