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This gadget makes you smarter and stronger based on brain electric shocks

This gadget makes you smarter and stronger based on brain electric shocks

by GPaper StaffAugust 15, 2017
According to its creators, it stimulates the brain, but we talk about small electroshocks in the head.

The human brain is basically the most perfect and mysterious machine ever created. It controls everything, and with proper stimulation, It can make a person to become a pianist, a professional golf player, or a soldier with a great aim and ability to react. But this is not Matrix, where the brain is hacked – we only have one – and everything requires a prior process. A process that the Halo Neuroscience company wants to ‘rush’. How? Hacking the brain …

Smarter and stronger electric shocks

Let’s see, we do not talk about inserting a program to the Johnny Mnemonic, but to give Mother Nature a small technological impulse to accelerate the usual processes. In this case, the company Halo Neuro claims that it can get it through Halo Sport, headset headphones that look like music headsets, but it is also an advanced training device that stimulates the brain to improve the performance. Physical and/or intellectual performance. How? There is the tricky thing: sending “electric currents” to theoretically energize the brain during a training/learning process.

Yes, exact: electric shocks or electroshocks if you want to call it that. Electroshocks sent directly to the brain through a series of rubber tips placed on the underside of the headband, which we put on the head. Halo Sport technology uses a process called Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, which basically by means of a mobile app releases small head discharges to help ” brain plasticity ” through the motor cortex, the area of the brain associated with Muscle coordination. This improves performance by optimizing the muscular set of the subject, increasing endurance capacity and also muscle memory.

Without official approval

In such a delicate gadget we could say, because it is not the same as putting on a smart bracelet and going to run, having licenses and testing their results is essential. And the Halo Sport has proof of its good functioning, but are results of studies carried out by the company itself, not external groups outside of it, then the buyer should trust the word of Halo Neuro. Another detail is that the Halo Sport does not have the approval of the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration that studies and approves this type of sports and physical gadgets.

A look at the company website shows the typical cases of people who have tried and helped them, such as Mario Marzo, a pianist who has managed to learn Bach compositions “67% faster “, or Jason Falla, soldier who Doubled its resistance and aim thanks to training with the handset put. There are also testimonies of athletes who have established records thanks to a technology that has “15 years in development”. But the final doubt for the user who is interested in the price since these helmets are worth no less than 634 euros, which makes them recommended only for elite athletes or people with significant economic resources since for the rest, the Halo Sport are practically the salary of a month.

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