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Final Fantasy XIV exceeds ten million players worldwide

Final Fantasy XIV exceeds ten million players worldwide

by GPaper StaffAugust 8, 2017
The Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Patch 4.06 is now available.

The FINAL FANTASY XIV community continues its global expansion, after surpassing more than 10 million players accumulated today. This continued success is due in large part to the complete game updates that systematically offer new content to the players.

Today’s announcement comes shortly after the premiere of the latest expansion,  FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood, which expands the game’s content with two new playable trades, a level increase and a fascinating storyline that will take players to land Not previously explored. The content of the post-release patches has incorporated high-level forays, enhancements to the player’s trades, and a host of new features.

In addition, this milestone coincides with the release of patch 4.06 and the start of the Moonfire Faire season event. Players can take part in a series of new adventures, including a showdown with Ultros and his uncontrollable tentacles. Triumphant adventurers can get objects to use in celebrations.

The free trial access of FINAL FANTASY XIV invites new players to join the millions of adventurers to the kingdom of Eorzea. This access allows you to get all the contents available up to level 35, create up to eight playable characters and experience the different playable races, classes, and trades with no playing time restrictions.

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