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How to customize your Xbox One avatar with your new editor
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How to customize your Xbox One avatar with your new editor

by GPaper StaffAugust 12, 2017

In June, Microsoft introduced the look of the Xbox One avatars. We were able to see how they have changed and the wide possibilities of personalization that Redmond promises to incorporate, which are not few. Its arrival date to the consoles will be throughout this fall, but it has already been shown how the new avatars customization system on Xbox One.

How to customize the new avatars on Xbox One

The visual enhancements of the applications they use are always welcome. It is an unmistakable sign that the application is moving forward and there are always new features to explore. At the moment, the new avatars editor of Xbox One is in its phase of Alpha and already know some of the functions of personalization that have little to envy to the creators of personages of Bethesda (creators of the saga Fallout or The Elder Scrolls) Or EA with the famous Sims.

The Xbox Avatars Editor application, if we use its official name, has several functions that you must master. In a bar located in the left frame, you will have several icons: Home Menu, where you will see the avatar that you use on the screen, manual editing, closet and a camera. These last three will appear below your character as bubble icons. This is reminiscent of the old application, with a fresh air thanks to Fluent Design.

Clicking on the pen icon will bring you to the aspect editor. A powerful tool will open before you that allows you to control the shape and appearance of each part of the body, from placing a bionic arm to pregnant guts. Just select the body part in the menu and you will have different personalization options available to you.

You will have a wide variety of colors to change your skin, choosing from natural tones to others that in real life is impossible thanks to its palette. This tool will help you select the hair color or even the nails.

In the section of style you will find a menu similar to the previous one, but this time it is full of accessories and clothing. From default suits, dresses, shoes to the compliments your avatar carries. With a simple click, you will enter each section and you will be able to select from your collection each Once you have seen your doll you can use the color bar to customize each element to your liking, although the application will give you basic and active tune recommendations.

Change your vehicle and expression

The new avatars editor of Xbox One allows you to define your tastes with objects like electric guitars or briefcases among others, but you can also choose ‘mount’ from motorbikes, wheelchairs, and skateboards to unicorns (why not?). But the big difference is the selection of mood. You will have a graduation to establish a level of expressiveness more or less exaggerated so that it resembles you.

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