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August 16, 2017

Svpeng, the Android trojan that becomes a keylogger

A new threat has been detected called Svpeng, a Trojan for Android that becomes Keyloggerthat takes advantage of a series of very specific services of this operating system to be able to steal data to the users.

This is a variant of the well-known banking Trojan Svpeng but now has been strengthened and is able to enter Android to perform Keylogger functionality to get high permissions in the system.

Use accessibility services

To infect the user’s terminal, the Trojan must have some input path. In this case, it pretends to be a flash playback app which is actually fake, once it is activated by the user, it asks for a series of fairly specific [...]

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August 15, 2017

Will this be the new look of Google Calendar?

One of the most used applications of all that Google apps are the Calendar. As you know, you can access from your app for smartphones as well as a widget that you can place on the main screen of your mobile to quickly see all the activities scheduled on the day. But the web version has been somewhat behind in design and that is why Google is trying a new look for Google Calendar.

This could be the new look of Google Calendar

It is possible that your Google calendar is one of the functions you see most during the day only surpassed by the email. From there you can see what time you have free to exercise or what are the birthdays this month so you do not pass [...]

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August 15, 2017

YouTube will tell you how many users are watching a video in real time

YouTube is the Internet entertainment platform par excellence. Every day you get millions of hits from around the world looking for new content from your favorite YouTubers or the latest network news. Usually, as a user, you can only get some data from the video like the likes or dislikes you have with a video, but the big G also wants to indicate how many users are watching a YouTube video simultaneously.

YouTube will tell you how many users are watching the same video as you

People who have an electronic device and users of the Google video app YouTube. This is where you first see those videos that later become viral in social networks and messaging apps, [...]

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August 15, 2017

Use your voice to find your emjois in GBoard

Google launched its own keyboard in late 2016, which has been updating with new features and linking it to other functions of the phone as the search app. As with other similar programs, it includes the possibility of having several languages installed and an emojis browser, but soon you can put voice emoticons in the GBoard.

New languages and search for voice emojis in the GBoard

Android users around the world are in luck. Today Google has added 30 new languages to its operating system to make it more accessible to more users. In the list that publishes the company can be read Bengali, Swahili and English versions adapted to Ghana, Kenya or Nigeria.

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