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August 6, 2017

The Moto X4 boasts dual camera in the last leak

Moto has been struggling for some time now to significantly improve its terminal catalog. The brand began its most recent stage of innovation with the original Moto Z, a pioneering device that debuted the modular system of magnetic pins. Now, the company owned by Lenovo has prepared a pleasant surprise for users.

It is, as it could not be otherwise, the return of one of the most missed phones in the Moto catalog, the X series. The manufacturer returns to the load this year with the Moto X4, from which we have been hearing rumors since the beginning of June. However, the latest leak related to the smartphone confirms an essential feature: the existence of dual rear [...]

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August 4, 2017

Microsoft will create a unique artificial intelligence chip for HoloLens

Apple does, Google does, Samsung does and now Microsoft does too. The Seattle company will begin to create its own processors; Exclusive and custom silicon for their products. The first will be an artificial intelligence coprocessor that will only be present in the new version of its augmented reality glasses, HoloLens.

The company has announced it at a private event being held this week in Honolulu. It is not unknown terrain for Microsoft that has already used exclusive components designed in their laboratories for certain products, such as the Kinect accessory, but it will be the most ambitious bet so far and a leap in complexity and scope.

With this new chip the next [...]

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August 4, 2017

Man, iPad, good to see you again!

Apple’s quarterly results leave an unexpected surprise. After three years of decline, sales of iPad tablets are growing again. Apple sold 11.4 million iPads in the last quarter, 15% more than last year.

Many point to the development of the iPad Pro range and the new 10.5-inch model as a catalyst for change. The new iPad is a good tool, possibly the best tablet right now, and with a promising future thanks to the new features that will bring iOS 11.

Apple, at last, seems ready to release the strap that attaches to the device. Free from the limitations that iOS imposes for sharing code with the iPhone, iPad can become an increasingly complete professional [...]

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