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Apps to take advantage of your ‘Smart Tv’
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Apps to take advantage of your ‘Smart Tv’

by GPaper StaffAugust 4, 2017

The internet of things has transformed the role of TV. There are ‘apps’ that allow you to have a tutor for the little ones.

The appliances we use are increasingly ‘smart’. We can program custom cycles in a washing machine or the lights turn on with motion sensors.

The internet connection of these devices can help improve our experience. In the case of TV, if you have a smart TV, these are some applications with which you can get more out of your device beyond having just to watch some programs, series or movies.

For the little ones

South Korean company Samsung uses an intelligent platform called Tizen to foster the educational development of children through applications on their smart TVs.

This tool consists of a series of interactive ‘apps’ to stimulate the learning of the smallest of the family in terms of language (Alphabet), languages ​​Kindergarten English, geometry Tangram, mathematics Welcome in Math, among other topics of interest, to help To promote their educational development.

To read the News

Television, as the central hub of home entertainment, also allows you to download certain applications that are not tied to traditional movies or programs. With these devices it is possible to download applications to read news, listen to music, have the update of a single sports source, to mention a few examples, without having to pay for a cable subscription as it works through the network.

The internet of things has opened up great possibilities of focusing on a device a multimedia system capable of responding to all needs.

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