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This is the amount of money that HBO offered to hackers Game of Thrones

This is the amount of money that HBO offered to hackers Game of Thrones

by GPaper StaffAugust 12, 2017
The on-demand video service offers a sum of money to hackers for 'discovering' security breaches.

The storm does not stop at HBO. The Video On Demand service that emits Game of Thrones continues in check by the pressure of the hackers who now threaten to filter the fifth episode of the seventh season. The situation is critical not only for the company, also for fans who religiously follow the series that those who have to cover their ears and avoid social networks to find no spoiler. But the chain seems to have already moved tab offering $ 250,000 to hackers.

The cost of reward for violating HBO and Game of Thrones

It’s been more than a week since hackers stole 1.5 terabytes of HBO information. Among the content were some chapters of his series that offer as well as extra content such as the scripts of these episodes. Among them was the fourth chapter of Game of Thrones, which ended up being published on the Internet before the VOD service broadcast it.

But according to Variety magazine on its website the company was in contact a lot earlier. Apparently, an email has been leaked in which the chain offered $ 250,000 to hackers as a ‘reward’ for showing a vulnerability of their system. Will we see the fulfillment of the threat of seeing the last chapter of Game of Thrones in advance?

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