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5 Keys to Choosing the Best Alarm for Your Home

5 Keys to Choosing the Best Alarm for Your Home

by GPaper StaffAugust 12, 2017
During the holiday period, burglaries and home assaults increase by 20%

Do you go on holiday? You will probably have everything ready, the suitcase, the clean house, the tickets bought, the accommodation reserved, but what about the safety of your home?

Precisely during the holiday period is when more burglaries and home assaults are produced in Spain, since they increase by 20%, will you enjoy your holiday in absolute tranquility knowing that your house has been at the mercy of evildoers? Obviously not and for that reason perhaps you have considered acquiring a security alarm for your home. While it is one of the most effective solutions to deter thieves, the vast majority of people usually have little or no knowledge about them, but do not worry, since if that is your case, in addition to offering you discounts on Ideal security alarms, we will also give you some keys to choose the best alarm. Take note!

1. An integral alarm

The first advice that we are going to give you is that you acquire an integral alarm, that is, that protects all the zones of your house, from the interiors to the exteriors. They are known as multi-zone alarms, which manage different areas of the home at any time, whether you are or not in the interior of your home, thus being more secure and complete.

2. Not only do thieves matter

Although preventing stealing your home is really important, preventing a fire or flood by accident is also, so we recommend that your alarm count on this type of technology.

3. Analyze your address

We recommend that you choose an alarm that fits the needs of your home, so you should analyze whether it is a floor, whether or not you have a garden, etc. Depending on this, choose the type of device, the location of the device and its range of action.

4. Various types of warning

Normally the alarms work with optical warnings, like rotating beacons and flashes, and acoustic, which is first and foremost sirens. However, now it is also possible to have phone calls, which will be destined to the homeowner or in the absence of the security company, something that could facilitate the capture of that intruder that is in your home.

5. The more components, the better

When it comes to taking care of the security of your home, do not skimp on expenses, since in the end the cheap is expensive. Therefore, there are several components of the system of an alarm that yes or yes you must have: detectors, those in charge of alerting about an intrusion in the home detecting the movement of said person, when a door or window is closed or when detecting breakage Of crystals; Control panel, the part that we manipulate to activate or deactivate the alarm, among other actions. We also offer the following services: All of them must be included in the pack you purchase so that your home is fully protected.

We hope that these tips have served you and that you can enjoy a vacation with the total peace of mind that your house is safe and protected. Happy summer!

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