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21 things you should know about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

21 things you should know about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

by GPaper StaffAugust 8, 2017
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will go on sale October 27 for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC.

From the first moments in which a bruised BJ Blazkowicz gets into a wheelchair and faces the Nazi garbage that has infiltrated Eva’s Hammer (the submarine and base of the resistance), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Never slows down the pace. The game, with intense action and a thrilling storyline, takes players on a chilling journey through the occupied American territories. Here are 21 things you should know about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (for the moment).

1. On wheels:  BJ Blazkowicz may be in a wheelchair at the beginning of the game, but that is not going to limit him. “The way the player controls the wheelchair is very important to us,” says executive producer Jerk Gustafsson. “You can move forward or backward.You can go diagonally to the sides.You can even move sideways with the chair.You have complete control of this vehicle and, of course, you can also shoot and use grenades.”

2. Go up steps:  OK, there may be some limitations, such as starting with a maximum of 50 health points (instead of the usual 100). In addition, it is not easy to climb the stairs with the wheelchair, for example, but that is where smart design comes in. The Eva Hammer offers all sorts of alternatives to normal ladders, from conveyor belts to huge rotating gears. “Obviously, stairs or stairs will be difficult if you go in a wheelchair,” says Gustafsson. “But we have so many different ways to get around, and I think they’re so fun and entertaining.”

3. Unbreakable:  BJ Blazkowicz starts The New Colossus in a wheelchair is not only a nod to his condition at the end of the previous game, but also demonstrates his indomitable spirit. “Although BJ is seriously injured and affected, they will never buckle him mentally,” says Gustafsson. “It always fulfills the mission”.

4. Companions:  Anya also returns and is pregnant with twins, but that will not stop her from showing how hard she is. We can see a sample of it at the end of the encounter (the first mission) when Anya rescues BJ from a situation priceless when firing the nape of a Nazi soldier. “In the first game, Anya always wanted to fight the Nazis, but she never knew how,” says creative director Jens Matthies. “In this game, Anya has achieved her goal, and this girl has a lot of character.”

5. The Great Bad:  Frau Engel, the other woman in BJ’s life also returns; And it is sworn to BJ It is completely evil, and you can check how vile it can be by the way you treat your daughter Sigrun. See her scene towards the end in The encounter and tell us if you do not tremble when Frau Engel scolds Sigrun for his private diary and for not following the diet.

6. “I like your style, Americans”:  nothing can prepare you for the first time you see the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, under Nazi control. The Nazi flags cover the buildings. There are propaganda posters stuck on the walls. Even music, food, and television programs are now a reflection of the new regime. However, perhaps the most chilling moment is a quick conversation between a Nazi soldier and two KKK members fully decked out in their white suits. “I like your style, Americans,” says the Nazi. Phew.

7. High technology:  Although the game takes place in 1961, the Nazis have access to futuristic technology, which is reflected not only in their soldiers and armament but also in the environment itself. In Roswell, there have been several drones flying over the streets and a robot on rails that tends the tables in a restaurant.

8. In German or you will see:  also, in the same restaurant, a mother is asking the German lesson to her son. They are preparing for the great Day of Change, in which American territories must fully adopt the German language. “They will change the language into German and undermine all American symbols,” Matthies says. “They do all these things to demonize free America and glorify Nazi ideology.”

9. A Persecuted Man:  BJ, known as Terror Billy, is an icon of the resistance and the Nazis are chasing him everywhere. That’s why his face appears on the posters of “Se Busca” glued on the wall of the restaurant and on the television set on the bar.

10. Gather the resistance:  anyway, what does BJ do in that restaurant? He’s going to meet up with Super Spesh, one of the new characters in the game. And if you thought the returning characters are great, expect to spend some time with American resistance fighters. “Super Spesh is not that he’s a stable person, but he’s on your side,” says senior designer Arcade Berg. “It’s pure and hard fun.”

11. In Command:  The battle in Area 52 is also the first sample of the enhanced game command system. As before, you will have to find the commanders at each level and kill them before they discover your presence, to prevent them from asking for reinforcements. “In The New Colossus, commanders can now call for reinforcements several times, not just one or two,” Gustafsson explains. “So it’s even more important to get rid of them, and all the commanders in The New Colossus carry an Enigma code, so for every commander you kill, you can also get important information.”

12. Stealth, tactics, assault:  what is the best way to kill a commander? Pillarle by surprise. Of course, it is not always easy to avoid being discovered; And when things get ugly, chaos comes. Again, The New Colossus offers three equally viable and interchangeable game modes, which include a tactical approach that combines some of the best stealth and assault moves.

13. Diesel Engine:  In this particular game, we display one of the two available weapons, which will depend on whether you choose Wyatt or Fergus to join your adventure. The Dieselkraftwerk fires adhesive capsules containing Nazi diesel and can be detonated from a distance. If instead, you choose Fergus, you will play with the Laserkraftwerk, which shoots high-energy laser beams capable of melting the metal.

14. Double the problems:  although BJ could already handle two weapons in the previous game, now he can do it freely, combining different weapons. We can see quite a few examples in game videos: using a tactical weapon in one hand and one in the other; A precision weapon in one and a machine gun firing discreetly in the other; And sometimes doubling firepower for a full frontal attack.

15. New enemies: you will need the versatility that provides the ability to take two weapons because The New Colossus includes a good ration of new enemies. Pay close attention to the Übersoldat, a Nazi Cyborg who fires laser beams moves quickly and can traverse by jumping a level and shoot BJ with the weapon in his chest while he grabs the walls.

16. Improved Bad:  BJ will not only face new enemies; Many of the opponents of the first game will return in The New Colossus. But beware: all returning soldiers have been upgraded. “They are bigger and more intimidating,” says Gustafsson. “In The New Colossus there is no cannon fodder, every enemy, starting with the most basic soldier, is a challenge, and it’s fun to do away with them, of course.”

17. An axe to sharpen:  and since we talk about fun, few things can surpass the melee lows obtained in Wolfenstein. In substitution for the knife of the first game (and the metal pipe of the downloadable content The Old Blood), we find the axe. Why an axe? In a pair, because it fits into the game world: you can find abundant fire axes scattered throughout almost all scenarios. But also because it is simply more … brutal. “You can do a takedown and use the ax to amputate a member, which produces a very gratifying feeling,” says Gustafsson. “Especially when you do it to a commander.”

18. Heavy weaponry : sometimes it is not enough to wield two weapons. In those cases, you can pick up a Lasergewehr from a fallen Supersoldat and shoot your enemies with a high energy laser beam. And that is just one of the many weapons that can be handled with two hands and you will find and use to shoot short bursts against the bad guys.

19.  Collecting objects: Nazis may stalk in every corner, but try to take a moment to explore. Not only will you discover new zones and new ways to eliminate your enemies, but the environment is full of great objects that you can collect, such as helmets and Enigma codes.

Big Bosses:  Just when you thought you had seen it all, the game demo ends with a battle against a Zitadelle, a gigantic armored enemy holding a rocket launcher in one hand and a flamethrower in the other. Yes, there are combats against bosses in Wolfenstein II, and it will not be the only surprise you’ll find in the game.

21. Come back for more:  although in this list we have focused mainly on the game, it would be a mistake to ignore the story. BJ and his teammates play a lot in The New Colossus, and that’s something to note. With a more personal history, new allies and the goal of liberating their homeland, The New Colossus has a lot of personalities. “What also amazes The New Colossus is that, for the first time, we are creating a sequel,” says Matthies. “From a historical perspective, that means incredible things like being able to write characters and dialogues for the actors we’ve worked with so long. Producing a sequel has been a revealing experience we’ve never had before.”

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus goes on sale October 27 for PlayStation, Xbox One and PC.

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